The Neighbor Dispute

Weekday mornings at 7:55am on Froggy 92.9, Tanner from Amber & Tanner In The Morning disguises himself as lawyer Barry Martindale from Martindale & Martindale & Associates to solve neighborhood legal issues.  Listen below to past episodes of, The Neighbor Dispute.


Season 2 Ep. 8 – What You Buy In Vegas Should Stay in Vegas

Mason returns from a bros trip in Las Vegas. Barry claims he endangered an entire flight.

Season 2 Ep. 7 – Rochelle’s Alarms

Rochelle commutes to San Francisco daily. She gets up early. Barry claims his client is sick of her alarms.

Season 2 Ep. 6 – Tainted Meat

If you forget to pay your bill, Barry Martindale will come for you! Even if it costs thousands of dollars.

Season 2: Ep. 5 – Clutter on the Doorstep

We all buy things online. No problem, right? Not according to Barry Martindale.

Season 2: Ep. 4 – Christine’s Important Documents

Barry Martindale is representing a cleaning company. He has some bad news for Christine.

Season 2: Ep. 3 – Brandi is a French Fry Bandit

Have you ever had your food delivered and it was cold? This is a lot worse…

Season 2: Ep.2 – Ben’s Parking Ticket

Barry is creating new laws regarding parking infractions.

Welcome to Season 2! + A Rodent Issue with Alice

Alice has an issue with rodents at her house. A call from Barry Martindale doesn’t help much.

241 – Cat Wranglin’

Pet deposits can be tough. A call from Barry Martindale? A nightmare.

240 – Taking A Joyride

Barry is once again making completely false accusations.