The Neighbor Dispute

Weekday mornings at 7:55am on Froggy 92.9, Tanner from Amber & Tanner In The Morning disguises himself as lawyer Barry Martindale from Martindale & Martindale & Associates to solve neighborhood legal issues.  Listen below to past episodes of, The Neighbor Dispute.


103 “You Need A Mental Evaluation”

Barry is baffled that Jennifer is able to watch scary movies before she goes to bed each night.

102 “I Will Stab A Hole Through Your Kites”

We think Barry is starting to resent the fact that he doesn’t have a hobby…

101 “Your Riding Lawnmower Is Illegal”

Kenny tried to outsmart Barry… He might have.

100 “Listen to Your Coffee Maker”

How did Barry manage to sneak a microphone into a house?

99 “Your Tow Truck Is Ugly”

What happens when Barry talks crap to a business owner? They talk back!

98 “They Didn’t Even Make the Playoffs”

Apparently Barry Martindale has an issue with the Golden State Warriors.

97 “Your Sprinkler System Is Violent”

Barry tries to convince Maurice to give an apology to a cat.

96 “Your Boxes Are An Eyesore”

Somebody has a problem with Amazon Prime.

95 “You Look Like An Olive”

We are all trying to find ways to exercise at home.

94 “I Don’t Even Know My Neighbor”!

Fishing is fun! That’s why Barry Martindale wants YOU to invite your neighbor.