The Neighbor Dispute

Weekday mornings at 7:55am on Froggy 92.9, Tanner from Amber & Tanner In The Morning disguises himself as lawyer Barry Martindale from Martindale & Martindale & Associates to solve neighborhood legal issues.  Listen below to past episodes of, The Neighbor Dispute.


48 – Amber Loves Henry Cavill… And LUMEN?!

We are back and in the studio! Amber talks about Henry Cavill winning People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, Dano talks about a local legend in a health struggle, and Tanner is upset because of a name change.

151 – “Oreo the Cat is a Criminal”

There seems to be a pet turf war in Sonoma County and Barry Martindale is in command.

150 – “Stop Being Stingy”

It seems like EVERYONE has their heat on in Sonoma County. Except for Tony from Windsor!

149 – “You Are A Food Thief”!

Is this person actually a food thief? No. Is Barry convinced she is? Absolutely.

148 – “You Can’t Tell Me I Can’t Work Out”!

At home work outs are tough. Especially tough when you get a call from Barry Martindale.

147 – “I Don’t Think You Know What Your Kid Is Up To”

Can Barry Martindale convince a Mom that her child is hacking to improve their grades?

146 – “Are You Creepin’ On Your Neighbors”?

When a home security system goes wrong…

145 – “Well What Sounds Crazy to Me…”

A vacuum mandate? Okay Barry…

144 – “Take Down Your Halloween Decorations NOW”!

When should you take down Halloween decorations? Barry Martindale is setting the deadline.

143 – “We Are Going To Paint Your House”

Have you heard of Sonoma County approved products? Christian hasn’t either!