The Neighbor Dispute

Weekday mornings at 7:55am on Froggy 92.9, Tanner from Amber & Tanner In The Morning disguises himself as lawyer Barry Martindale from Martindale & Martindale & Associates to solve neighborhood legal issues.  Listen below to past episodes of, The Neighbor Dispute.


241 – Cat Wranglin’

Pet deposits can be tough. A call from Barry Martindale? A nightmare.

240 – Taking A Joyride

Barry is once again making completely false accusations.

239 – Leave My Pinterest Alone!

Barry tries to convince Roxy that she owes Pinterest money.

238 – Christmas Lights in July

Barry Martindale is a Grinch. Even in the summer!

237 – Audible Grunting

Hannah goes to the gym a lot. Barry is trying to make her go less.

236 – Recycling Wars

You better watch those blue bins! Because Barry Martindale is checking them.

235 – AC Anger

Ryan from Cloverdale’s AC hasn’t been working all summer. So, Barry is going to get under his sweaty skin about it.

234 – Laundromat Scam

Laundromats have insurance policies, right?

233 – Video Game Verbal Assault

Do you think Barry convinced this guy that his kid is a jerk?

232 – Anti-Barking Device

Would you let this anti-barking device be apart of your home?