The Neighbor Dispute

Weekday mornings at 7:55am on Froggy 92.9, Tanner from Amber & Tanner In The Morning disguises himself as lawyer Barry Martindale from Martindale & Martindale & Associates to solve neighborhood legal issues.  Listen below to past episodes of, The Neighbor Dispute.


12 – “What Do You Do For Fun?”

Brad is a gamer. Is Barry going to steal his high score?

11 – “Is This A Legal Deal?”

Barry calls the Big Apple… This is going to be fun.

10 – “They Are Not Good Dogs, Ma’am”

No animal is safe with Barry Martindale…

9 – “Get Rid of Your Halloween Decorations”

Halloween is supposed to be fun, right?

8 – “The Smell Has Become Unbearable”

Cooking should be fun… Unless Barry Martindale has something to say!

7 – “I’m Baffled At Your Disgusting Hobby”

Terry loves hunting. How much? Let’s figure that out together.

6 – “You Are Only Allowed Two Plants”

What is a plant hoarder? Find out on today’s edition of the #NeighborDispute

5 – “Maybe You Can Put Some Footies On?”

Today, Barry calls Steve. Like many people who live in an apartment, it is difficult to stay quiet. Barry claims that Steve has “Flinstone feet”.

4 – Gnomes of Bodega

Barry calls Brittney in an effort to get rid of her gnomes.

3 – “You Are Not Allowed to Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas”

In this chapter of the #NeighborDispute, Barry calls Eric. Barry believes that Eric is ruining holidays because of solar paneling on his roof.