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Latest Episodes

Week 47 – Haunted Apartment and More Weird Dreams

Amber wants to take a solo vacation, Tanner is getting ready to move… And a whole lot more!

Week 46 – Easter Baskets & The Moon

This week, Amber and Tanner celebrated their second anniversary being on Froggy 92.9. What is your favorite memory from the show? Send a message to their Instagram right now @AmberAndTannerInTheMorning

Week 45 – In and Out & Amber Montana

Allergies are running rampant in Sonoma County! Welcome to a very stuffed-up week. Presented by Kleenex. They aren’t a sponsor, but they probably should be.

Week 44 – Pug Happens & Moldy Coffee

ATM has a spontaneous award ceremony, Amber hurt herself, Tanner threw up multiple times. Sounds like another week of Amber and Tanner in the Morning! Follow the show on social media @AmberAndTannerInTheMorning on Facebook and Instagram. If

Amy G from the San Francisco Giants

Amber and Tanner talk to Amy G who is a Petaluma native, an Emmy winner, a two-time children’s book author, an instructor at Sonoma State University. Amy G also spent 12 years speaking to some of the

Week 43 Team Slippers and Dirt Clumps

Should Amber do a Masterclass? How do you relax after a long day? All of these questions are answered and more on this episode.

Week 42 – Weird Eating Habits & Changing Your Last Name

– Amber discovers the show isn’t compatible – Tanner discovered some funny questions people asked Roomba – Should Amber change her last name when she gets married? – Is having your phone face down considered sketchy? –

Week 41 – Washing Feet & Distracted Driving

What did Tanner find in his couch? Why wasn’t Amber able to go to the goat farm as a kid? Are extroverts more successful than introverts? All of these questions answered on this podcast episode.

Week 40 – Secret Admirer and The Yellow Mini Cooper

Does Tanner have a secret admirer? What are your assumptions about us? We play a game called “Can It Cover?” Do you have a reoccurring dream? Is it better to be a late or early person? Was

Week 39: Henry Cavill & Getting Scammed

Did people try to steal money from Tanner? What did Amber watch out of love for her fiance? These questions are answered this week on the podcast.

Week 38 – Shrek and Donkey

Happy Super Bowl weekend! We talk about the big game, sneezing without a mask, wedding planning, and buying stocks. Follow the show on social media @AmberAndTannerInTheMorning.

Week 37 – Bachelor Pads & Shopping Addiction

Is wearing make-up to work important? We had a special visitor How many times was this celebrity married? Tanner now has a bachelor pad. What should he add to it? Is it okay if Amber doesn’t want

Week 36 – Mustache-Gate and Tall Girl Vibes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, are you prepared? Amber and Tanner talk about life changes, TV shows, and the inauguration.

Week 35: Wedding Dresses & Kids Shows

Tanner is going back to school, Amber went wedding dress shopping and we discuss childhood shows. Plus a WHOLE lot more!

Week 34: Mascara Fail & Mullets

Have a good week? We did too. Here were our favorite moments from the first week of 2021.

Week 33: Is It Really 2021?

In another short week, here are some of our favorite moments from the 2 days we were in the studio together.

Week 32: Merry Christmas!

Grab an eggnog and share this episode with a friend! Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Week 31: Amber’s COVID Scare, Tanner Is In The Christmas Spirit

During this week, Amber missed some time because she had a COVID scare, Tanner loves re-gifting and the team talks to the mind behind “Operation Give A Tree”.

Week 30: Is Tanner a Thief? Why Did A Child Think Amber Was Her Mom?

– Amber had a dream that puts Tanner in a scary light – What did Tanner steal from the work fridge? – Amber had an emergency trip to the vet – Tanner is on a journey to

Week 29: Wedding Planning & Lying About Weight

How is Amber’s wedding planning going? Did Tanner discover his sperpower? These questions answered and more on this episode of “Amber and Tanner ON DEMAND”

Week 28 – Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you cooking right now? Turn this on for some fun!

Week 27: Amber’s Wedding & Tanner Is Scary

Amber’s Grandpa had an interesting way he named his dogs Tanner gets early access to a new app Amber is hosting her wedding outside of her home state of Georgia We made up realistic headlines Bathroom pet

Week 26: Caffeine Addiction & Retail Therapy

Make sure to follow the show on social media! @amberandtannerinthemorning | @amberhenderson | @tannerchambers_ on Instagram! – Tanner receives an intervention from Amber & Sonoma County – Amber needs help w/ Thanksgiving – Have you ever had

Week 25 – Election Week (Wow, That Sounds Weird)

What would make you either a GOOD or BAD President? If you were President… What would you do to improve the county? Tanner is morphing into one of his parents Is having yourself as your screensaver narcissistic?

Week 24: Happy Halloween!

Tell us a scary story in four words! How do you fix a bad day? Tanner believes the studio is haunted How has the pandemic shifted Halloween for you? What is a movie that terrified you as