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Latest Episodes

Week 23: Halloween Candy & The Haunted Mansion

– What is a Halloween candy you would get rid of forever? – Tanner had a group chat mishap – What gadget in your home was a game-changer? – Tanner doesn’t know how to play board games

Week 22: A Goose Is On The Loose & Mercury Retrograde

– Tanner recalls being attacked by a wild animal – Is it mold? Amber is concerned – Spontaneous award ceremony – Wedding parties: Yes or no? – Is there an age limit to eating go-gurts? – Have

Week 21: We Are BACK From Vacation!

After taking a week off, we are back in business! Here are a few things we talked about on the show: – How much should you spend on wedding gifts? – Tanner’s friend forgot something major –

Week 20: Epic Road Trip and Christmas in September

– Tanner is going on a road trip to Oregon – Is it too early for Christmas decorations? – How do you deal with snoring in the household? – Amber has 99 problems and her hair might

Week 19: Amber is Engaged, Tanner Would Be the Worst Cowboy Ever

– Amber made a HUGE announcement! – Tanner recalls the worst field trip he ever went on – One of us got hacked – When did you have your credit card declined? – Halloween in 2020 –

Week 18: Cat Thief, Frozen Foods & Mexican Pizza

In the future, how will we explain 2020? Did Tanner commit a major crime? Movie Quote Challenge Parents: What did your kids do to your pets? Frozen foods How do you explain wildfires to someone that hasn’t

Week 17: Birthdays, Crock Pots and Unfortunate Initials

What is a stupid thing you did while home alone? Amber had a bad day and needs help with her stomach pain Do you have a weird food preference? Should you post pictures of your baby’s face

Week 16: Night Sweats, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Hard Knocks

– Headline In A Haystack – Amber is getting night sweats? – We need Mr. Rogers – What should kids do for Halloween? – How do parents make kids get along? – Should you let your kids

Week 15: Wildfires, Games & Jeans

We hope you are staying safe during this incredibly tough time. Most of this episode was compiled early this week before the major fires occurred. We want to keep it light and provide a distraction from the

Week 14: Unspoken Rules,Pasta, and Tanner is a Karen

Tanner was called a Karen on the internet Amber had an adventure in Guerneville Where is the best place to camp in SoCo? Is Tanner a jerk for not eating Amber’s pasta? Should school kids have a

Week 13: Soda, Demon Cats & Spongebob Squarepants

– What is better? Coke or Pepsi? – Amber is a superhero – How did you get a scratch on your car? – Tanner got pulled over – What is a demon cat? – What was your

Week 12: AirPods, Arrows & Santa Cruz

– When someone washes your AirPods in the washer, whose fault is it? – What is the most unusual gift you have ever received? – If you only had 3 apps on your phone, what would you

Week 11: Taco Bell Funeral Service, New Cars and the Anti-Bucket List

– What the hell is a doo-doo-doo? – Tanner hosts a funeral for the Taco Bell items that are leaving the menu – Another round of stimulis checks are coming. What will you spend it on? –

Week 10: Shutdowns In SoCo, Photos Taken and Ripped Pants

– Let’s day COVID-19 has ended. Which pre-caution are you the most excited to ditch? – Amber is officially shopping for a new car -Tanner ripped his pants. Have you? – Why does Amber think she is

Week 9: Stinky Feet, Presidents and Yogurt

What is #YogurtGate? Amber’s apartment is turning into a zoo Which country star would make the best POTUS? What is the cure for stinky feet? Fake it or make it How do you consistently go to the

Week 8: Fireworks, Procrastinating and Interventions

– What crazy thing have you seen at a Sonoma County store? – What are you procrastinating on? – Are you cool with notifications on your phone? – Amber wants to go on a plane. Is it

Week 7: Microwaves, Monsters and Karens

We have a debate about turning off the timer on the microwave Tanner keeps getting ads for a masterclass There was a possible Loch Ness sighting. Do you believe in folklore? What is the male version of

Week 6: Scotty McCreery Joins Us, Credit & Grill Daddy

– Tanner is on the hunt for a barber in Sonoma County – Our DNA test results are in! – Can Amber recognize which headlines are real and which are fake? It’s #HeadlineInAHaystack – When do you

Week 5, Creepy Guys, Alter Egos and World Records

What do you wish your parents built you? When did you realize “I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was”? Amber has a weird food craving. Do you? You won’t believe what a lot of Americans will

Week 4, Boom Boom Botox!

– Amber and Tanner talk about the weirdest thing they have seen in a grocery store. – Is Tanner turning into an Instagram boyfriend? – Amber wore an embarrassing shirt to work. – What is do not

Week 3, Sheriff Mark Essick Joins the Show, Math and Sunburns

Amber has received her dogs DNA test, is it what we expected? Tanner discovered the best “As Seen on TV” Product What is something you need one more of? Speaking of DNA results, ATM is going to

Week 2 – Advice for Graduating Seniors, Blame It On The Quarantine, President or Dolly?

Welcome to another week of #ATMonDemand! This week on the show:   We will blame it on the quarantine! Was it Dolly Parton or a President? DIY Fails And a whole lot more! Follow us on social

Week 1 – Characters You Are Afraid Of, Tarot Cards and Country Songs You Have to Know

This is what is inside this week’s episode!   What do you appreciate more since COVID-19? Do you believe in Tarot Cards? Amber and Tanner were embarrassed recently Tanner watched a couple fight (and got caught) Amber