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Latest Episodes

113 – Boot Problems & Tattoos

Today (8/2) on the show:   Do you dress up your pets? Tanner is ready to go to a concert Does Amber use her tweezers in a strange way?

112 – Amazon & Dream Journals

Today (7/30) on the show! Tanner had an awkward exchange when he met his neighbor Amber is thinking about being a coach Great Day to Be Alive And more!

111 – Meditating & The Wrath of McDonalds

Today (7/29) on the show:   Taking yourself out on dates Getting back at your ex We talk to Betsy Biern, the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area CEO. And more!

110 – Weddings & Waterparks

Today on the show:   Tanner wants to know what to wear to a wedding Amber explains why she hates waterparks We are giving away Luke Bryan tickets for the rest of the week

109 – Courage the Cowardly Dog

Today on the show:   Amber has a hot take you want to hear Tanner revisits a childhood fear You’ll never believe what Thomas Rhett’s phobia is And more!

108 – Fancy Parties

On the show! Name that sports mascot What’s the secret to longevity? Can too much coffee be harmful to your health? And more!

107 – Day 1 of the Olympics

Today on the show: The Olympics, unnecessarily expensive trash cans and comfort movies!

106 – Noisy Neighbors

Today on the show: Tanner wants to buy WHAT for Amber and Cole’s wedding? Also, menu items you want to come back and Amber has an issue with her neighbors again.

105 – Snoring Wars

We talk about being picky, affordable hobbies and Blake Shelton!

104 – Everyone Loves Shania Twain

We talk problematic cars, wedding locations and Fire Safe Sonoma County.

103 – BABIES?!

ATM discusses ever having kids, Tanner had to deal with some bees and Amber continues her winning streak on “Headline in a Haystack”

102 – Dream Journal

We talk movie remakes, wearing the same clothes over and over again, and of course, Great Day to be Alive Friday.

101 – Tanner Has Big News

Glamping, essential cheapies, inventing things that already exist and more!

100 – Learning How to Drive a Stick Shift

Tanner might get fired from his side hustle, Amber wants to go on a Kayak and more!

99 – STOP! Tanner Time!

Does Amber really sleep with a stuffed animal? What is Tanner’s new side hustle? These questions are answered in this episode.

98 – Stagecoach

We are giving away Stagecoach 4-packs all week long! Make sure to call into the show at 8:30 for the Amber Showdown. We also discuss weird fishing practices, vision boards, stupid rules, and more!

97 – Pirate Cat Radio

Today on the show we discuss words we can’t spell, eating bone marrow and playing hooky.

96 – Does Bubble Gum Stay In Your Stomach?

Today we talk about using the work dumpster, vows, and a hampster at a winery.

94 – 4th of July

We talk to Jacob from the Green Music Center, patriotic movies, and eating way too much food. Happy Fourth of July weekend!

95 – Aint As Good As I Once Was

The whole crew is back together! We are here to talk about Brad Paisley, hail meant for margaritas and Tik Tok.

93 – Welcome to JULY!

We talk the 4th of July, movies that made us cry, and horrific washing machines.

92 – Mendocino Avenue Biker Kids

A world-class chef update, robots in Sonoma County, and more!

91 – Sacramento

4th of July food, vacations, cheetos and more!

90 – Shorts and Amber’s Adventures

Amber is back from vacation! We talk about that, Tanner’s weekend trip back to Washington state, and more!

89 – Adult Sleepovers

Happy Friday! Headline in a Haystack, dollar tree deals, naming cars and more! Amber is back on Monday.