Tell Us About A Firestorm Hero

That was our view from the radio station parking lot the morning of Oct 9th 2017.  Many, many people in Sonoma County saw much, much worse.  And many of those people acted, on a moment’s notice to save lives, property and more.  In the days following still more people stepped up offering shelter, clothes, food and beyond for those left with nothing.  If you know of one of these heros, fill out the form below and nominate them.  A selection will be read live on the radio during Dano in the Afternoon on Wed Oct 9th 2019 in recognition of the 2 year anniversary of the event.

  • Due to time constraints on radio, stories are limited to 1500 characters. We realize there is probably much to say, but give us the best sense of the story in two paragraphs. Thank you.