Dig a Pool? Seriously?

Let’s go back to a hot, sunny day a long, long time ago. I woke up one morning to find a “To Do” list from my father. Now. honestly.  I can’t stand “To Do” lists. Waking up to them was the WORST. “To Do” lists still haunt me to this day.
On the top of Rob’s”To Do” list: “Dig a Pool!”
What? Seriously? My old man wanted me to DIG A POOL? Well, my dad was a boxer in the Navy and when he tells you to do something…you may want do it. So, I grabbed the shovel and started to dig a pool in the backyard of our home in Larkfield. I spent most of the morning on this task and when my dad came home, he realized just how difficult that task would be.  My dad was serious and he could be a taskmaster, but he was also very logical.  So he called for an end to the digging and we later got a dough boy pool. That dough boy pool brought many happy hours for me and my family. Splashing with friends, hanging out. Best of all, I didn’t have to dig it!
Later, the pool disappeared and was replaced with beautiful landscaping. My dad designed a backyard waterfall feature. Built it himself. There was a playhouse for my sister that later became a beautiful little garden house filled with flowers.
Generations of kids played in that yard and ran through that house. My sister and I, my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews.
Now we await await permits for a new house in Larkfield. Soon, we’ll be able to get out the Golden Shovel and start digging a new foundation…and this time, I’ll be honored to hold the shovel……… And dream of that eventual golden key.