ALL The Fugitive Clues So Far…

He keeps calling…or is it SHE?  We're tired of being taunted and trying to streamline this thing.  Here are ALL of the clues we've been given so far from the Froggy 92.9 $5000 Fugitive.

Friday April 8
10 amLet’s make this clear, don’t waste your time, asking people who work for Froggy wouldn’t 
complete this rhyme.
1 Hours to go until the weekend hits, at a bar with some cab, is where I’ll sit
      4     When I drink I some times stumble, a nice big bruise this weekend would make me humble
Monday April 11
7 am – My bark is louder than my bite, if your neighbor’s is loud, this clue won’t be trite
10 am – Just when you thought I was leavin, I’d cross the street just to get even
1 pm – I put in my time, you know that’s true, if you wore a cap….damn…nothing rhymes with Costco
4 pm – Wipe your feet, we don’t live in a barn, I learned from my mom, and that’s not a yarn
Tuesday April 12
7 am – Today I get my haircut, gotta stay in disguise, asking around places that are chains, that would be 
quite wise
10 – My memories of highschool are kinda soupy, my teacher was chicken, rhyming makes me loopy
1 pm – My feet are quite heavy, my speed is quite fast, if you wrote me up last week, your time to catch 
me is now passed
4 pm – This will be hard, on a calculator you should lean, use math to catch me tonight at a film that 
equals 15.

Wednesday April 13

7 am – You’ve been looking high, and you’ve been looking low, if they have a watch, asking them would 

just be slow

10 am – A clue that could llead you to wear I tarry, A breaded tubular BART is the closest with food that I 

can carry

1 pm – Some people work in uniforms and some do not, I don’t have to and for info, that’s a LOT

4 pm – A drink after work, color me there, Mick Dundee is a person that with a drink I might share

Thursday April 14

7 am – You’re stuck in traffic, that makes sense, asking people with a 9 or a two on their license plate 

would make even less sense.

10 am – I listen to the Radio, it makes me sing, if you look at me, you might see a ring

1 pm – Fugitive doesn't call in at 1pm.  He/She accuses Froggy of attempting to tap his phone.  Froggy staff deny.

4 pm – Standing in line at Safeway, reading all the mags, asking people who have frozen dog treats in 

their cart would reverse from riches to rags

Friday April 15

7 am – We’re three months past but asking someone who goes all Griswold, would help you get some 


10 am – I’ve lived in Sonoma for quite a long time, my highschool mascot I could drive, that completes 

the rhyme.

1 pm – As soon as work’s over, I’m avoiding the mall, stopping for some stuff at the big red ball.

4 pm – A full week on the run, geez how hard could this be, Free cash will bloom if you just find me.

Monday April 18

7 am – I’m out and about early this morning, stopping to pick up some cold cuts, if you’re on the Rohnert Park Expressway, look for the driver going nuts

10 am – I know you think I’m bad, I know you think I suck, but I’ve had the same job for 15 years, and you can’t beat that kinda buck

1 pm – October 31st, a night for taking the kids for a walk, if you had a neighbor who gave out Snickers, perhaps it’s them that you should stalk.

4 pm – I’ve been to London, but never Bali, look around for a computer pic that’s distinctly Cali.

Tuesday April 19

7 am – When you’re on the road, glance around, it wasn’t made here, and those abound

10 am – Some are are straight and some are short, if it’s close to surly, some new money you can report

1 pm – Facebook, a yes, a place that I go and I next, a photo in front of trees, is what might send you on a shopping spree

4 pm – You’re sitting at work, check the desks, mine is so neat and orderly, I hate a mess.

Wednesday April 20, 2016

7 am – When everyone gets up to go to lunch, check their chairs for hair of yellow, and the money you’ll 

get will be a bunch

10 am – I dare you, I don’t think you’re that smart, today for lunch I’m eting tacos, that should narrow 

the field a LOT

1 pm – Geneology and family frees, I got my name from my parents friend, this money could buy sprees

4 pm – Fugtive calls Dano from across the street to taunt him

Thursday April 21, 2016

7 am – Fugitive leaves note for Rob & Joss, stalked them at dinner

10 – I’m not fancy, but I do like it clean, you’d be wasting your time to ask people in jeans

1 pm – I have a phone, just like you, 9 9 15 is a number that will give you a clue

4 pm – We all have our work snacks, the things that feed our food fits, mine are square and orange and 

you might see them from where you sitz.

Friday April 23, 2016

7 am – How tricky of you to look at my writing, I’ll be interested to know his insighting

             And as you roll and wave around, I’ll be standing there smiling, not making a sound.

10  am – I work all day and into the night, me toiling in my yard is a common sight.

1 pm – Fugitive reveals that his 4pm clue will place them at a location they've visited before

4 pm – I’m in my car, with you close behind, look at the dealer tag, for a Mischa sign

Monday April 25, 2016

7 am – Rod and Jess play the music that makes you sing, I’m right now having breakfast…with 


10 am – Let’s start with some firsts, so think of your friends, if you had one with a Dodge Dart, it might 

be time to make amends.

1 pm – A second look at some first, so think of your friends, if their first job was at a bakery ah…I’m tired 

of rhyming

4 pm – Driving home , I’ll be stopping for food, for family, for you, cmon guys, this is a helluva clue

Tuesday April 26, 2016

7 am – Wouldn’t it be odd, if I was in your facey, we all have colleagues, some are hot and some are


10 am – Today’s lunch will be eaten in, head on out of you want to win.

1 pm – I have a kid, maybe more, one’s out east, they can’t hear me snore.

4 pm – Today my cars pack in the far rear, be safe driving but look for camping gear.

Wednesday April 27, 2016

7 am – I love the Giants, yes I do, I’ve been know to wear their logo, so look around you.

10 am – Okay gang, think about lunch, my house is mi bueno, so go with your hunch.

1pm – Is it me or is it warm? Look on people desks, Arizona should make you swarm.

4 pm – Okay, enough of these spiels, after dinner glance around your neighborhood for people on two


The Fugitive instructs Dano to go outside to the station mailbox.  Taped to it is a thumb drive, and on the thumb drive is THIS VIDEO

Thursday April 28, 2016

7 am – I have friends, but not a ton, less than the hundred that starts with a one

10 am – My car has an antenna, and if it wasn’t long and white, what would it be…

1 pm – This is Cali, so here’s Another clue about my car, it’s six years old, so there’s a good start.

4 pm – Okay, I’m married, I said it, so there, the spouse starts with a B, we make quite a pair.

Friday April 29, 2016

7 am – I have an email, I’m not a caveman or have myspace, but my email provider is from the stoneage

so start the trace.

10 – To get just about anywhere, I need to dot my I’s and cross my s, $5000 is a lot of money, more or


1 pm – You know I have a spouse, which is a pretty good clue, and yes I have kids one less than a few.

4 pm- Just making small talk and then the disguiser breaks.

Monday May 2, 2016

7 am – Fugitive is encountered by a Froggy listener in the middle of the clue!  But listener does not say the phrase correctly.  She should say "Are you the Froggy 92.9 $5000 Fugitive?"

10 am – When I’m heading home, and I’m running slow, feeling rotten makes me go.

1 pm – I might work with you, does that make you choke, check around if the machine sells coke.

4 pm – A chess piece is in the name of my school.

Tuesday May 3, 2016

7 am – You know that I’m married but you don’t know when, Bob Geldof almost screwed up my


10 am – We all look up, to the person on top, Aaron will get you closer to a big cash drop.

1 pm – My son, yes I have won, was not too roughy, but in 2014 he finished up hanging with Tuffy.

4 pm – Leaving in 90, it’s been a day of fun, I’ll need my shades since I’ll be driving into the sun