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Weekday mornings wake up, get the kids to school, and enjoy great country music and a laugh with Amber & Tanner In The Morning.  Stay up to date with pop culture with Trend It Out, stupid news with Facepalm of the Day, hear Amber keep it 100 with Wine About It, and Tanner pranks unsuspecting homeowners with The Neighbor Dispute.  Learn more about who Amber & Tanner are RIGHT HERE.

Episode 4: Six Weeks

Julia from Flying Cloud Farm is BACK to discuss with Amber what the, “6 Week Out Mark,” means. That’s when Jeannette and Julia are the most hands on with the wedding planning at the venue. What will

Episode 2: And They Fell in Love

In this week’s episode, we learn more about Julia’s story. What makes Flying Cloud Farm so special? You’re going to want to hear why! Plus, we learn more about Julia’s career path that led her to doing

Amber Gets Married

Froggy 92.9 Presents, “Amber Gets Married.” Every week Amber, Jeannette, and Julia discuss the trials, tribulations, and highghlights of being a modern-day bride and all that comes with planning a wedding right here in Sonoma County. “Amber


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