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Step inside Northern California’s Country Radio Station, Froggy 92.9 in Santa Rosa, CA. Get stories straight from on air personalities Jenn, Dano and Amber and Tanner in the Morning about country music, Sonoma County and NorCal’s biggest country festival, Country Summer.  Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn, or hear the latest ep’s below here on!


Latest Episodes

46 – Jenn Adopted Two Cats, Are We Too Addicted to Social Media?

Tanner went to the world’s largest petrified forest, Amber has some questions on names in radio, Dano talks social media and Jenn has some exciting news to share.

45 – Wedding Party Planning, “Fitness”

Dano talks about his new adventure in life, Tanner had a simple thing that made his day, and Amber talks about the big news… SHE IS ENGAGED!

44 – Our Favorite Part Of Award Shows, Taco Bell Order

The FULL crew is back in business. Jenn has a new way to watch her favorite shows & movies, Amber is starting a prank war, Dano makes fun of the voices of award shows & Tanner’s life

43 – Eloy From Hot 101.7 Joins Us

We are back! Lots to cover. Eloy from Hot 101.7 saw some DRAMA at a wedding, Jenn shares a heartbreaking story, Dano reveals the Country Summer 2021 line-up and Tanner’s friends and family back home are dealing

42 – Wildfires In Sonoma County, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2020 continues to be the craziest year EVER. Wildfires are rampant in Sonoma County, so the Froggy staff discusses the fires and evacuations. Amber also gives an astrology lesson and we provide our take on the Ellen

41 – Jenn’s Anniversary, Amber Will Not Break A Habit

Tension is in the air! The studio is divided on the movie “Shrek” and lots more. Jenn is coming up with an anniversary present with her wife, Amber won’t give up soda, Dano can finally watch X-Men

40 – Quarantheme

The squad is back in the building! Since we haven’t done the podcast in person for so long, we discussed the moments our minds went crazy during the pandemic.

39 – Man Caves, Dano is an “AirPod” Guy

This week we have a trio! Tanner, Jenn, and Dano connect over zoom to discuss their ideal man cave, what they are bad at & Dano’s journey to finding the perfect wireless headphone.

38 – Dano Saw A Wild License Plate, Amber’s Funny Mistake

Hopefully, this will be our last ZOOM edition of Inside Froggy 92.9! Dano saw a wild license plate, Amber made a funny mistake, Tanner had a positive experience at the DMV and Jenn’s computer busted! Just another

37 – Tanner Saw A Goat At the Mall, Jenn Is Going Camping

Another day… More social distancing! Dano talks about his love for sci-fi, Amber wants to discuss the Chase Rice controversy, Tanner saw something crazy at the Santa Rosa Plaza and Jenn will be off next week! We