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Latest Episodes

69 – Dano and Jenn Recap Philly

Tanner is frustrated with Offer-Up, Amber is excited about a new HARDY project, and Dano and Jenn recap working at Citadel Country Spirit Music Festival

68 – Jenn Might’ve Seen A Famous Person in Santa Rosa, Dano and Jenn are Going on a Trip Together

Jenn ALMOST saw a famous person in Santa Rosa, Dano talks about his trip with Jenn, Amber hates on Pumpkin Spice and Tanner finally found something that helps his back. However, it almost made him barf.

67 – Tanner Is Going to a Wedding, Amber Hates Christmas

Amber sparks a debate whether Christmas or Thanksgiving is better, Dano speaks about the Morgan Wallen interview on Good Morning America, and Tanner is going to a wedding and he has no idea what to do.

66 – Dano Is Back from Vacation!

Amber talks mustard, Dano talks about his 10-day vacation, and Tanner touches on his caffeine issues.

65 – Best Birthdays

Another tri-pod episode! We want to say Happy Birthday to Dano as well! Jenn has been having nightmares about her own Dateline episode, Tanner discusses stores that have been shut down, and Amber wants to know what

64 – Tanner’s Growing Pains, Is Dano a Thief?

We are a tri-pod for this episode! Tanner says something that makes everyone’s eyes roll, Jenn is excited about a tribute album, and Dano has a guilty conscious because he did something at Chipotle.

63 – Almost Maybes, Amber’s Awkward Encounter

Amber had an awkward moment at a BBQ, Tanner injured himself, and Dano tells us a surprising tale about Brooks and Dunn.

62 – Jenn Has Huge News, Alan Jackson

Tanner realized he needs to make a life change, Jenn has some exciting news, Dano is upping his health game, and Amber wants to talk about a statement made by Alan Jackson.

61 – Dano’s Going to Be A Guest Speaker, It’s Hot in Here!

Jenn wants everyone to know it is HOT IN HERE, Dano is going to speak at his alma mater, Amber might have created a new Sonoma County landmark, and Tanner is finally loving Shania Twain.

60 – The Dipsea Trail, Reba Is In Everything

Amber and Tanner are back from vacation! Jenn is surprised about Carrie Underwood’s workout playlist, Dano is taking a day off to exhaust himself, Amber’s world is surrounded by Reba, and Tanner’s sleeping schedule is messed up.