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Latest Episodes

34 – Tanner Demands McDonalds, Dano Has A New Celebrity Crush

We are back! After a week off, we are back in action via ZOOM. Here’s what you can expect on this episode. Tanner is mad because an oral surgeons office is being built next to the studio,

33 – Does Amber’s Boyfriend And Dano Have A Feud? Are You Comfortable Going to Restraunts

Jenn is happy because something from her childhood is back on the shelves, the gang talks “The Last Dance”, a new feud is born and restaurants are opening up soon… Are you comfortable with it?

32 – Amber Shaved Off Her Eyebrow, Dano Has Hot Takes

Tanner shaved his head, Dano got in trouble for his hot takes, Amber deep cleaned and Jenn hates Veronica Mars.

31 – Why Do We All Have A Photo Of Dano’s Feet?

Amber is looking for the best margarita in Sonoma County, Tanner found a community he didn’t know existed and we all talk about how extra Dano is. Welcome to another episode of “Inside Froggy 92.9”!

30 – Dano Has Cut the Cord, A Discussion on Country Music in 2020

We all grow and learn new things. What has Dano learned? How to use a Roku! Jenn and Tanner want to talk about Country Music in 2020, and don’t mess with Amber! Her Dad will perform some

29 – Jenn Is Back From A Mini Vacation, Dano Finally Got A Haircut

We are refusing to let COVID-19 get our spirit down. Jenn is feeling especially great because she spent a weekend at a cabin in Mendocino. Tanner found a new app that might help him exercise. Amber is

28 – Amber is Creating Controversy, What Day Is It?

Welcome to “Outside Froggy 92.9”! We are still at home and practicing social distancing. Jenn is quarantine-snacking, Amber has fueled a debate in country music, Dano is getting around to shows he missed and Tanner didn’t even

27 – Tanner’s Beard Challenge, What Was Your First Car?

The gang is all back on Zoom! Jenn, Dano, Amber, and Tanner are all at home, but we have a lot of ground to cover. Jenn and Amber are having crazy experiences in the stores because of

26 – COVID-19 In Sonoma County, Does Dano Look Like A Famous Person?

Jenn, Dano and Amber and Tanner in the Morning are BACK after a week off. They discuss coronavirus in Sonoma County and how it affects their lives.

Quickie: Week Off For COVID-19

Dano checks in with a quick message about taking the week off due to shifting schedules amid COVID-19.