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Latest Episodes

23 – Reba surprised Dano in Nashville, Amber’s Weird “Old Wive’s Tale”

Dano’s a puddle on the floor after a REBA surprise in Nashville, Amber has a truly bizarre wart cure from her grandma, Jenn’s going to Disneyland for the first time, and *gasp* Tanner might leave the Seahawks

22 – Dano OUT, Danny Wright from 97.7 The River IN

Dano’s in Nashville this week for a Country Radio conference, so the gang grabbed our friend Danny Wright from 97.7 The River to sit in for the entire episode!  The gang gives an in-depth discussion about PETS.

21 – Tanner’s Never Been To Disneyland, Amber’s Santa Rosa DMV Disaster

Tanner’s never been to Disneyland?!  Jenn’s getting into SALES?!  Dano breaks down insane Sonoma County prices and Amber has an absolute nightmare at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds DMV.

20 – We Surprise Amber On Her BDay

Tanner, Dano and Jenn surprise Amber with a theme ep completely about HER in honor of her birthday.  Revealing (embarrassing?) stories each person has about Amber and one question for her too.

BONUS Dano Tells A Joe Montana 49ers/Chiefs Story

Dano reads a post he wrote for on his complicated relationship with the 49ers and Chiefs, thanks to one Joe Montana, ahead of their showdown in the 2019 Super Bowl.

19 – Kobe Reaction, Tanner Engage-ing?

In true Inside Froggy 92.9 form, our topics cover the gamut of our real emotions and real lives just like you.  Amber needs car repair advice, Tanner’s unsure about engagement traditions, Jenn’s pissed at The Bachelor and we all share reactions

18 – Four Little Johnstons

Amber wants you to join a Country band and remembers an old reality show, WHY Tanner’s deleting everyone in his phone, Jenn’s all over Chase Rice on the Bachelor and yes, WE TALK ABOUT ROB LOWE’s NFL

17 – The B’s Are BACK

The whole gang’s back in studio for the FIRST show of 2020.  Amber’s got the dirt on the Froggy holiday party in Bodega Bay, Tanner is on a mission to be a world class chef, Jenn’s on

Quickie: We’re On Vacation, See You in January 2020

A quick message from Dano!  The team is on vacation for the next few weeks.  THANK YOU for the support of our podcast.  It’s something we had to fight to have time to do, because we heard

16 – Everybody On The Disney+ Hype and JAKE OWEN Hits Up Amber’s Insta

Tanner can’t escape Disney princesses, Dano’s got a Disney throwback that NO ONE knows but is totally a thing and is now a cartoon, Jenn calls out fake radio movies and Amber nearly drives off the road