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Step inside Northern California’s Country Radio Station, Froggy 92.9 in Santa Rosa, CA. Get stories straight from on air personalities Jenn, Dano and Amber and Tanner in the Morning about country music, Sonoma County and NorCal’s biggest country festival, Country Summer.  Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn, or hear the latest ep’s below here on!


Latest Episodes

40 – Quarantheme

The squad is back in the building! Since we haven’t done the podcast in person for so long, we discussed the moments our minds went crazy during the pandemic.

39 – Man Caves, Dano is an “AirPod” Guy

This week we have a trio! Tanner, Jenn, and Dano connect over zoom to discuss their ideal man cave, what they are bad at & Dano’s journey to finding the perfect wireless headphone.

38 – Dano Saw A Wild License Plate, Amber’s Funny Mistake

Hopefully, this will be our last ZOOM edition of Inside Froggy 92.9! Dano saw a wild license plate, Amber made a funny mistake, Tanner had a positive experience at the DMV and Jenn’s computer busted! Just another

37 – Tanner Saw A Goat At the Mall, Jenn Is Going Camping

Another day… More social distancing! Dano talks about his love for sci-fi, Amber wants to discuss the Chase Rice controversy, Tanner saw something crazy at the Santa Rosa Plaza and Jenn will be off next week! We

36 – We Discuss Country Summer and Race

The crew talks about the postponement of Country Summer, the most unique listeners we have ever had, fan clubs, and our experience witnessing racism.

35 – Jenn’s New Addiction, Amber Is Holding Dano’s Property Hostage

Tanner doesn’t know how to deal with the heat in Sonoma County. Dano wants to know a little more about our childhood. What is Amber keeping from Dano? Finally, Jenn just found a clothing item that is

34 – Tanner Demands McDonalds, Dano Has A New Celebrity Crush

We are back! After a week off, we are back in action via ZOOM. Here’s what you can expect on this episode. Tanner is mad because an oral surgeons office is being built next to the studio,

33 – Does Amber’s Boyfriend And Dano Have A Feud? Are You Comfortable Going to Restraunts

Jenn is happy because something from her childhood is back on the shelves, the gang talks “The Last Dance”, a new feud is born and restaurants are opening up soon… Are you comfortable with it?

32 – Amber Shaved Off Her Eyebrow, Dano Has Hot Takes

Tanner shaved his head, Dano got in trouble for his hot takes, Amber deep cleaned and Jenn hates Veronica Mars.

31 – Why Do We All Have A Photo Of Dano’s Feet?

Amber is looking for the best margarita in Sonoma County, Tanner found a community he didn’t know existed and we all talk about how extra Dano is. Welcome to another episode of “Inside Froggy 92.9”!