Rate Country Songs With Our BIG Music Project

So…you’re stuck at home.  Welp we’re stuck at the radio station lol.  We’re taking this time to look over every single song we play and get feedback.  What do you LOVE?  What do you need MORE of?  How do you feel about throwbacks?  What are you TIRED of?

Click the link below to start rating songs and giving feedback, be sure to use our secret code, A20 at the start of the survey, and select the box ‘I am a new user’.

Use Code A20 RIGHT HERE to Start Rating Songs

When we say EVERY song we mean EVERY song.  Just know you’ll be having a big impact on everything that gets played on Froggy 92.9 for the next year, and we thought it might be a good distraction during a weird week.  We thank you for your time!  -Amber, Tanner, Jenn and Dano