Amber & Tanner Have Their Own Beers At Third Street Aleworks

After weeks of lead up, Froggy listeners finally got to taste Amber and Tanner’s new beers at Third Street Aleworks in Downtown Santa Rosa.

Amber’s beer is called Amber’s 100% That Peach, a hazy IPA with peaches.

Tanner’s beer is called Tanner’s Kick In The Pants, a hazy IPA with coffee.

Dozens of Froggy listeners gathered Friday night at Third Street Aleworks in downtown Santa Rosa to be the first to try the brews, and to rave reviews!

Froggy listener Jackie Fletcher said, “Both are subtle, the coffee in particular doesn’t bowl you over.”

Third Street Aleworks has both on tap now, as well as cans to take home!  Both are for a limited time, so get them while they last.  Thanks again to Third Steet Aleworks for the partnership on this fun idea.

Amber & Tanner’s Beer Launch At Third Street Aleworks