And Now…The Foundation

First, piles of dirt.. now, the foundation is being laid for my new family home.

You can see it. The living room. The master bedroom with the great new bathroom. The kitchen that will finally have a pantry.

We’re starting to get excited. We’re starting to look toward the future.

The other week, First Interstate Contractors emailed me the pictures of the dirt being moved and the property being made ready for the foundation to go in. When I saw the pictures, I almost cried. But it was a whole other experience when I visited our family home and I saw where the rooms will be. My mom was with me and she said “I think it’s going to be even better than the first house.” After all we’ve been through, it felt good to hear her say that.

It’s tough to be far away during our rebuild, since I’ve moved to San Diego. But with First Interstate Contractors, I can log in to their website and see pictures of the progress, updates and anything else I need to see for our rebuild.

Next time I visit, you never know…there may be walls…so I have to say, everything is moving up…and soon, we’ll have that golden key.