Rob’s Blog: I’ve Never Been So Happy To See Dirt

First it was the sign. We were so excited to see that “First Interstate Contractors” sign go up on our lot. Second – and most recently – it was the dirt. They’re moving dirt! Digging trenches! That means we’re a step closer to unlocking our front door with what I call “The Golden Key.”

After soil testing and a few other things, First Interstate is making headway on our property and I can watch it from afar with the “Weekly Project Summary” that I’ve been receiving in my email. The latest summary included the digging that the contractors are doing.

I’ve included the latest pictures of the house and a few that were taken last time I was there. In those pictures, I’m sitting right where my desk used to be when I went to Santa Rosa Middle School and Piner High School back in the day. That’s where I did my homework.  Now, I study our “Weekly Project Summaries,” but I’m so happy to do that. I’m so happy to see where things are headed.

You’ll also see the picture where I am “getting the mail” from our old “mailbox.” Each day before I’d visit my mom, that’s exactly what I’d do.

Just before we put the “golden key” into the door, we’ll attach a new mail box.  Right now, we’re happy that the “golden shovel” has taken it’s first scoop of dirt…because that’s another step toward going home.