My Memories. Your Memories.

As I look back on what made our house a home, I think of my memories. Let’s you and I match up home our memories together! I remember this at my house growing up….. think of YOU and YOUR house when I mention:

Your first dog? (Mine was Sam)

Household chores? (Pull weeds, mow and trim lawns, empty garbage, pick up Sam’s poop)

In your bedroom with a hobby? (I always had to practice my trumpet)

The bike you rode around your neighborhood? (Mine was a blue ten speed. I thought I was pretty cool!)

That one neighbor you were scared of? (We just called him: “The Colonel” NO Trick or Treating here)

Your crush on a next-door neighbor? (Marcine. And she was older. Yeah, I kissed her)

Take your parents car for a teenaged unlicensed joyride? (Okay. I did once. To a convenience store called “Short Stop” north of Larkfield)

Your first car? (1966 Mustang. Gold. Totalled)

Now, I look forward to new memories…