Dead Guy in an Envelope


A Chinese paramilitary policeman stands guard near a portrait of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong and a lamp post mounted with surveillance cameras at the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)



He’s Famous. You Get One Guess. No Clues. WHO is the Dead Guy in an Envelope?

It might be creepy, it might be odd, but it’s an easy way to grab $1,000 (and whatever pocket change Rob and Joss have to add to the pile). Every morning at 8:50, Rob and Joss will ask you to call (707-636-1467) to guess the “Dead Guy in an Envelope.” It will be any well known guy from history, television, movies, music, politics, culture, sports etc. Take your guess and you could be the lucky winner.

There’s only two people who know who the “Dead Guy in an Envelope” is. That would be Rob and Jenn the Promotions Director.

See below for all the wrong guesses for “Dead Guy in an Envelope.”


UPDATE! We are now giving you CLUES for Dead Guy in an Envelope! We wanna GIVE YOU THIS MONEY before we leave Froggy 92.9 on Feb 15th! We’ll give clues til we get a winner!

Monday’s Clue:

Go West Young Man

But Not This Time

Go Far East

Him You Will Find

Tuesday’s Clue:

Hunan he ate.

Cantonese as well

In the People’s Republic Did he Dwell

Wednesday’s Clue:

A uniformed man, he ruled the land.

Thursday’s Clue

He Liked to Party.

If it was a Chinese Communist Party

Friday’s Clue:

His name sounds like the sounds a cat makes.


It’s Not Genghis Khan!


It’s Not Kim Jung Il


It’s Not Lou Rawls!


It’s Not Gregg Allman!


It’s Not Ken Curtis!

It’s Not George Burns!


It’s Not Howard Hughes –  at Floyd Bennett Airport in New York City after his round-the-world flight July 14,1938. With a crew of four, he flew to publicize the coming of the International Exposition in New York. (AP Photo)


It’s not Greg Allman.  In this April 25, 2010 file photo, musician Greg Allman performs with the Allman Brothers Band at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans. Allman has a book deal with William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Morrow announced Thursday that the “unflinching” memoir, currently untitled, would come out in the spring of 2012. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, file)
It’s Not John F. Kennedy (AP Photo)


It’s Not Don Williams!He is seen during the 14th annual Country Music Awards in Los Angeles. (AP Photo, File)

It’s Not James Gandolfini!

It’s Not Winston Churchill!

It’s not Napoleon Bonaparte!


It’s Not Walt Disney, versatile Hollywood producer looks over a stringful of 20 miniature, soild gold Oscars, which represent most of the 22 Academy Awards that he has won, in Hollywood, Calif., June 19, 1954. He plans to have them made in to a bracelet as a gift to his wife for their 29th wedding anniversary. (AP Photo)




It’s Not Jack Klugman holds the Emmy statuette he won for best single television performance by an actor, May 26, 1964, Los Angeles, Calif. The Television Academy in its 16th annual presentations honored him for his work in the Blacklist segment of The Defenders. (AP Photo)


It’s Not Phil Harris, singer, bandleader and comic who teamed with Jack Benny on the radio and was the voice of Baloo the bear in Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” is shown in this 1950 photo. Harris died of heart failure Friday Aug. 11, 1995 at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif. at age 91. (AP Photo)




It’s Not FDR!


US actor Jim Belushi poses during a press conference held to present the fifth edition of the Rome Fiction Fest in Rome, Italy, Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. Belushi will be awarded with the Excellence Award. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)


It’s Not Waylon Jennings!


It’s Not Caroll O’Connor!


It’s Not Alexander Hamilton!

It’s Not Corey Haim!


It’s Not Harvey Milk!


It’s Not Jim Varney!


It’s Not Mussolini!

It’s Not Sadam Huessein!

It’s Not Chris Lee!

It’s Not Adolph Hitler!

It’s Not Cy Young!


It’s Not Actor Roy Scheider . (AP Photo/Wally Fong)


It’s Not Stan Lee!


It’s Not John Wayne, American actor on movie set. -DATE AND MOVIE SET UNKNOWN-. (AP-Photo/HO)

It’s Not Evil Knievel!

It’s Not Christopher Columbus!



It’s Not Buddy Ebsen!


It’s Not Pope John Paul I or II!


It’s Not Paul Newman!


It’s Not Jimmy Hoffa!


It’s Not Fred Gwynne!


It’s Not John Lennon!


It’s Not Little Jimmy Dickens!


It’s Not Freddy Mercury!


It’s Not Alan Hale Jr (Skipper from Gilligan’s Island!)


It’s Not Burt Reynolds!


It’s Not Desi Arnaz!


It’s Not Bill Paxton!


It’s Not Neil Armstrong!



It’s Not George Burns!



It’s Not Ghandi!


It’s Not Mickey Mantle!


It’s Not John Candy!

It’s Not Rick James!


It’s Not Roy Orbison!


It’s Not David Cassidy!


It’s Not Al Capone!


It’s Not Albert Einstein!




It’s Not Roy Rogers!



It’s Not Alexander Graham Bell!



It’s Not Ed McMahon!


It’s Not Christopher Reeve!


It’s Not Mark Antony!



It’s Not George Romero!


It’s Not Gene Wilder!


It’s Not Babe Routh!


It’s Not Lawrence Welk!


It’s Not Chuck Berry!


It’s Not Troy Gentry!


It’s Not Michael Landon!


It’s Not Robert Stack!

It’s Not Al Davis!

It’s Not Nikola Tesla!

It’s Not Henry Ford!


It’s not Joe DiMaggio!


It’s Not Stevie Ray Vaughan1

It’s Not Lee Majors!

It’s Not Alan Rickman!


It’s Not Phil Hartman!

It’s Not Bob Crane!

It’s Not B.B. King!

It’s Not Denver Pile!

It’s Not Osama Bin Laden!

It’s Not Raymond Burr!


It’s Not Ronald Reagan!


It’s Not River Phoenix!


It’s Not Dennis Weaver!


It’s Not Jimi Hendrix!


It’s Not Randy Macho Man Savage!


It’s Not Notorious B.I.G.!

It’s Not Merle Haggard!


It’s Not Merv Griffin!



It’s Not Roger Moore!



It’s Not Don Rickels!


It’s Not Freddy Fender!


It’s Not Mr. Rogers! (Fred Rogers)



It’s Not Bob Marley!



It’s Not Sonny Bono!


It’s Not Steve Jobs!


It’s Not Danny Thomas!


It’s Not Freddy McMurray!

It’s Not Jeffery Dahmer!


It’s Not Guy Lombardo!


It’s Not Fess Parker!


It’s Not Rowdy Roddy Piper!


It’s Not Andy Rooney!



It’s Not Randy Macho Man Savage!



It’s Not Boris Karloff!


It’s Not Burgess Meredith!


It’s Not Muhammad Ali !



It’s Not Marty Feldman!


It’s Not Bob Ross!



It’s Not Don Knotts!


It’s Not Billy Mays!



It’s Not Vern Troyer!



It’s Not Richie Valens!




It’s Not Bing Crosby!


It’s Not Jerome Lester Horwitz (Curly from the 3 Stooges!)


It’s Not Dean Martin!


It’s Not Perry Como!

The Current Jackpot is  – $1,011.54

It’s Not Babe Ruth!!!


It’s Not Orson Welles!


It’s Not Adam West!




It’s Not Tupac!


It’s Not Buddy Holly!

It’s Not Tug McGraw!


It’s Not Chris Cornell!


It’s Not Gary Coleman!


It’s Not Kurt Cobain!


It’s Not Robert Louis Stevenson!


It’s Not Bernie Mac!


It’s Not Bob Denver!


It’s Not Heath Ledger!


It’s Not Davey Jones!



It’s Not George Michael!



It’s Not Ray Charles!

It’s Not Teddy Roosevelt!

It’s Not Chris Farley!

It’s Not Hank Williams!


It’s Not Tom Petty!


It’s Not John Ritter!


It’s Not Sam Kinison


It’s Not Charles Schulz!


It’s Not Hugh Hefner!


It’s Not Walt Disney!


It’s Not Glenn Campbell!


It’s Not John Wayne!


It’s Not Rodney Dangerfield!


It’s Not Harry Houdini!

It’s Not Vincent Price!

It’s Not Ronald Reagan


It’s Not Phillip Seymore Hoffman!


It’s Not MLK Jr!


It’s Not Johnny Cash!


It’s Not Dale Sr!


It’s Not Arnold Palmer!


It’s Not Peter Jennings!

The Jackpot is $1,008.17!

It’s NOT Alfred Hitchcock!

The Jackpot is NOW $1,008.17

It’s Not Leonardo Da Vinci!


It’s Not Humphrey Bogart!


It’s Not JFK!


It’s Not Heath Ledger!

It’s Not Dudley Moore


It’s Not Tom Petty!


It’s Not William Shakespeare!



It’s Not Tom Petty!


It’s Not Bruce Lee!


It’s Not Buck Owens!

It’s Not Jack London!

The Jackpot is still $1,006. 59

It’s Not Tiny Tim!
The Jackpot is Now $1,006.59!


It’s Not Ted Bundy!

The Jackpot is NOW $1,005.59


It’s Not John Wayne!


It’s Not Jerry Lewis!


It’s Not John Denver!




It’s Not Davey Jones!


It’s Not John Ritter


It’s Not Elvis Presley!

The Jackpot is Now $1,005.50


It’s Not Leonard Nimoy!!!!


It’s Not Walter Brennan!


It’s Not Michael Landon!


It’s Not Alan Thicke!


It’s Not Kenny Stabler!


It’s Not Stephen Hawking


It’s Not John Candy!

It’s Not Leslie Nielsen!

The Jackpot Is Now $1,004.75


It’s Not Alan Rickman!


It’s Not Col. Sanders!


It’s Not George Burns

It’s Not Lou Gehrig!


It’s Not Andrew Jackson!

It’s Not Prince!


It’s Not Louis Armstrong!



It’s Not Frank Sinatra

The Current Jackpot $1,002.59


It’s Not Hank Williams Sr.


It’s Not Elvis Presley

It’s also not Charles Manson, but it creeped Joss out 
to look for his picture, so it’s not here. 

It’s Not Bob Hope!


It’s Not David Bowie

It’s Not Jimi Hendrix

The Jackpot is at $1,002.06


It’s Not Michael Jackson!

The Jackpot is NOW $1,002.06


It’s Not Patrick Swayze!


It’s Not Paul Walker!


FILE–John Denver is shown in New York in a Feb. 23, 1976, file photo. According to family, Denver, who scored hits with melodic, light folk-pop songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “Rocky Mountain High,” was killed in a plane crash Sunday night, Oct. 12, 1997, in California. He was 53. (AP Photo/File)

It’s Not John Denver
The Jackpot is $1,000.75


Cast member Robin Williams arrives at the premiere of “World’s Greatest Dad” in Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

It’s Not Robin Williams!
Jackpot is now $1,000.75


It’s Not Marty Robbins!
The Jackpot Stays at $1,000