Every morning at 8:10am it's your turn to put Rob to the test with "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge."  The Rules:

1) Kick Rob out of the studio
2) Joss asks YOU 5 questions about Hollywood
3) Rob comes back in
4) Joss asks Rob the same 5 questions
5) YOU get more right than Rob, YOU win
6) He gets more right than you, he wins
7) The tie goes to Rob

How do you enroll in this prestigious institution? Fill out the form below, including your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, CITY, OCCUPATION and PHONE #!  This info MUST be included if you'd like to enroll.  Thx y'all ;-)

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Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge

Rob vs Charmaine the Accountant from Sonoma

Charmaine is an accountant from Sonoma! She wants to take on Rob in Rob's College! Let's see if she graduates. Here's today's questions!   The actor who has starred in The Godfather and Scarface says that movies need to be watched on the big screen  - and not iPhones - who is he?George Clooney got married over the weekend. One of his earliest TV shows was a sitcom with characters named Jackie, Darlene, Becky and DJ - what was that sitcom?Serena Willams recently turned 33 - who is her tennis playing sister?Bill Cosby revealed that he's always ...

Find Out Who WINS
Rob vs Jennifer from Forestville
Rob v Kiersten
Rob v George the Fire Inspector from Windsor
Rob vs Amy the Move Coordinator from San Rafael
Rob v Chris from Petaluma who works at a dental office

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