Garret's Pigs
Posted 7/23/2013 1:17:00 PM

Garrett is now 11yrs old he is in Penngrove 4-H this year.  This is his second year doing Market Swine.  His pigs are Cross-breds and he has a boy and a girl.  The darkest pig is the girl and her name is "Joss".  The other pig is the male and he has a white band that goes almost all the way around the pig at the shoulders. His name is "Rob."

 In his free time when Garrett is not taking care of his pigs, which is a daily thing of checking feed several times a day and cleaning the pen every evening, Garrett plays Competitive Soccer which requires practice 3 days a week and "games" tournaments on the weekends. Pigs "stress" out very easy and can get sick very fast and don't do well with heat.  With that hot spell that Santa Rosa had a few weeks back Garrett had to set up "Misters" to make sure his pigs stayed cool during the day but needed to make sure his pen was dry at night as the fog likes to cool things down at night and the temperature change can  make them sick also.
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