More About Rob & Joss


Rob & Joss are Yin and Yang” & “Beauty and the Beast.” Those are some of the things listeners have said about the Froggy 92.9 morning show. Rob has the jokes, Joss has the logic. Rob has the spontaneity and Joss makes the plans…and somehow they’ve made it work for 12 years in Sonoma County. You’ll hear Rob and Joss on Froggy 92.9 with their regular features like Rob’s College of Hollywood Knowledge and The 7:55 Senseless Survey. You’ll see Rob and Joss at all the fairs, festivals and concerts as they continue their quest to shake 100,000 hands across Sonoma County. Rob has been a staple in Santa Rosa for many years. He went to school locally, raised his kids locally and he knows every road, restaurant and landmark in the area. When he’s not on the radio, he is learning something on The History Channel, walking in one of our gorgeous parks or enjoying a glass of Sonoma County red. Joss has worked in NorCal radio for 13 years and is proud to call the Wine Country home. When she’s not on the radio she loves spending time with family and close friends, watching TONS of home renovation shows on HGTV (and then trying to get her house to look like that!),and cooking every recipe in Guy Fieri’s cookbook and blogging about it. You’ll hear Rob and Joss weekday mornings from 5 til 10 on Froggy 92.9!