Froggy 92.9 Is Now On Alexa

Froggy goes wherever you go!  Your car, your laptop, your phone and now on the Amazon Echo smart speaker, also known as Alexa.  How do you get Froggy 92.9 on Alexa?

  1.  Say, “Alexa, enable the Froggy Ninety Two Point Nine Skill.”  The station will start playing on your smart speaker.
  2. Thereafter, just say “Alexa, play Froggy Ninety Two Point Nine,” and you can listen on Alexa any time you want.

-Alternatively, you can visit the Skills section of your Alexa App to enable the Skill.  Just search for Froggy 92.9.

Just one more way to get Today’s Country, Froggy 92.9!