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Danny Wright

Danny Wright is the co-host of Sonoma County Sports Fans. Danny's been broadcasting in Sonoma County for over a decade!  You can catch him every afternoon on Hot 101.7.  He grew up in San Francisco, so his love for the 49ers and Giants runs DEEP.  Recently, Dano has been pushing him toward the Sharks...he's leaning, but not there quite yet.  When he's not on the radio, Danny and his wife are brainwashing their two young daughters to be hardcore Niner and Giants Fans. His favorite play of all-time is a tie between Brian Wilson's strikeout of Nelson Cruz to WIN the 2010 World Series and Vernon's catch at the end of the 49ers Vs Saints Divisional Playoff game in 2012!







Dano is the co-host of Sonoma County Sports Fans!  Dano's lived in two places-  Sonoma County and San Francisco.  His 49er love started in the 80's mostly because they won all the time ;-)  His Giants obsession began in the 90's when the team tried to sneak away to Tampa.  In 2006, when both Giants and Niners were...not so good, he tried watching a few Sharks games.  At the same time, he began playing the game NHL Hitz 2003 on his Gamecube.  Within 2 weeks, he GOT IT, and became hopelessly hooked on hockey.  His favorite play of all time is Alex Smith's naked bootleg in the 2011 NFC Divisional Game.

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