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Hugging Cat - 0:10

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 5/28/2012 5:06:16 PM

Man Teaches Cat to Hug
"Yeah - he may have trained it with food...but it's still super cute."

Rob and Joss Cam Amgen Comes Through Windsor.m4v - 2:50

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 5/13/2012 5:31:36 PM

Amgen Tour of California in Windsor
"The Amgen Tour of California came through Windsor CA on May 13, 2012! Joss of "Rob and Joss in the Morning" caught it on her "purse cam""

Blake Sheton & Miranda Lambert @ Shoreline Ampitheatre performing "Honey Bee" - 4:17

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/30/2012 6:01:29 AM

Blake Appears at the Shoreline During Miranda's Concert!
"Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert performing "Honey Bee" @ the Shoreline Amphitheater on April 27, 2012 n Mountain View California. Surprise Guest appearance by Blake Shelton."

Rob & Joss' $34 Wedding with Rick & Dena.m4v - 7:44

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/29/2012 3:57:12 PM

The $34 Royal Wedding!
"The Royal Wedding with Will and Kate cost an estimated $34 Million Dollars...but with a little bit of love, you can do it for a LOT less! So Rob & Joss at Froggy 92.9 decided to have a 34 Dollar Wedding! The cake, decorations, favors etc all added up to $34 dollars! Rick and Dena from Cotati are the Bride and Groom - see their $34.00 wedding here!"

Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School - 2:53

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/27/2012 5:01:33 AM

Family Sings Bohemian Rhapsody on the Way to School
"It has become a morning habit to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school in the morning. Depending on traffic, we can usually start the song as we pull out of the driveway, and pull into the school just as the song ends."

Rob and Joss - Joss Learns Baseball.m4v - 3:06

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/1/2012 8:36:55 PM

Rob and Joss - Joss Learns Baseball
"Joss has NEVER been able to make a bat make contact with a it seemed like "Beyond the Bat" in Rohnert Park may just be the place to do it!"

video-2012-03-27-20-27-01 discovers his shadow - 1:40

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/28/2012 6:39:57 PM

Evan the Adorable Toddler Discovers his Shadow
"Evan discovers his shadow! This kid is VERY cute!"

Rob & Joss Pounding Guinness for St Patricks Day - 3:24

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/12/2012 12:21:20 PM

Rob and Joss "Pounding Guinness for St. Patrick's Day!"
"Three Contestants! One Pot of Gold! Lotsa Guinness! Find out what it really means to "Pound Guinness" with Rob and Joss and Froggy 92.9!""

PETE [stringfellow] Visits to Promote Show - 0:45

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 2/29/2012 4:25:09 PM

Rob and Joss with PETE Stringfellow!
"Our long time friend PETE [stringfellow] stops by to tell everyone about his March 3rd, 2012 concert at Hopmonk in Sebastopol, CA."

Rob and Joss - Joss Learns to Walk from Ms Sonoma County.m4v - 3:52

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 2/28/2012 6:58:49 PM

Ms. Sonoma County Teaches Joss How to Walk
"With the Ms. Sonoma County Pageant this weekend - we thought it might be nice to reminisce about last year's winner teaching Joss to "Walk Like a Lady""

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