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Rob and Joss Egg Drop 2011.m4v - 3:08

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/23/2011 10:31:09 AM

Rob & Joss Easter Egg Drop 2011
"3 Kids. 3 Raw Eggs. 3 home made contraptions to keep the raw eggs safe after a 20 foot drop. The kid with the surviving egg gets Free Ice-Cream for a Year at Sonoma County Cold Stone Creamery Locations. Seems simple...right? Not quite."

Rob and Joss Nintendo 3DS Test.m4v - 4:07

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/12/2011 5:22:08 AM

The Nintendo 3DS Test
"Joss says it's "research." Rob says "horsepucky." Word has it the new Nintendo 3DS is making people motion sick! Joss gives it a whirl to see if the rumors are true!"

Sonoma County Giants Parade Put to Music! - 3:40

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/6/2011 7:03:08 PM

Sonoma County Giants Parade set to music!
"You got your pictures in to the Sonoma County Online Giants Parade - and NOW it's set to music! We wanted to put it up again to celebrate the Giants Home Opener!"

Rob and Joss Car Wash ACM Wager.m4v - 3:43

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 4/3/2011 7:02:19 PM

Rob and Joss ACM Wager 2010
"As a result of a lost wager, Rob and Joss in the Morning are off for some car washing! Joss lost the wager and now has to was Rob's car in her bathing suit. Here's what happens...."

twin baby boys have a conversation - part 2 - 2:08

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/29/2011 8:12:23 PM

Babies Having a Conversation
"twin baby boys have a conversation part 2. find more of the boys' adventures at my wife's blog. visit"


Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/29/2011 7:56:33 PM

A Surfing Video Edited by a Chimpanzee
"Great surf action edited by a chimpanzee named "JT". JT lives in a private chimp sanctuary located on the outskirts of Medesto, CA. JT the chimp was given the controls of a Final Cut Pro edit system, and quickly mastered the editing process. JT, the chimp editor, favors quick cuts and ambient sounds."

Rob & Joss Pounding Guinness for St Patricks Day - 3:24

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/17/2011 10:09:20 AM

Pounding Guinness for St. Patrick's Day!
"Three Contestants! One Pot of Gold! Lotsa Guinness! Find out what it really means to "Pound Guinness" with Rob and Joss and Froggy 92.9!"

Rob and Joss - Joss Learns to Walk from Ms Sonoma County.m4v - 3:52

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/8/2011 5:13:41 AM

Rob and Joss in the Morning - Joss Learns to Walk from Ms. Sonoma County
"Jordan Libby is Ms. Sonoma County 2011! We thought it would be a good idea to have her help Joss be a bit more ladylike (and improve her posture for the benefit of her back) So, Jordan stopped by to give Joss a few lessons"

Bride and Groom Get Major Surprise at Unlucky Beach Wedding - 6:30

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/4/2011 6:27:04 AM

Couple Gets Hit By Rogue Wave at Sonoma County Wedding
"Kathy Moore and Bryan Solari planned a beautiful beach wedding in Sonoma County...but even the best laid plans...can go a bit wrong."

Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From an Airplane - 2:07

Posted By Froggy 92.9 On 3/2/2011 7:10:10 PM

The Space Shuttle from an AIRPLANE
"This dude caught the launch of the space shuttle from the window of his airplane! if you listen hard enough.If you listen carefully, the captain can be heard over the loudspeaker saying, "Those on the right side can see the space shuttle. Those on the left side can probably see the people on the right side looking at the space shuttle.""

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