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Rob10 Things You Didn't Know About Rob

1) My Dream Car is a Porsche
2) My first crush was girl name Linda in elementary school. I walked up to her door, rang the doorbell, gave her a plastic ring…and promptly ran away. This is my first fear of commitment episode.
3) I can’t stand To Do Lists. Jocelyn gives me one, I wrinkle it up, I step on it, I burn it.
4) I’m prone to James Bond movies.
5) I can get away with doing foreign accents. Sometimes I use them to scare my kids or freak out the dog.
6) True. I’ve been to Iceland.
7) I can’t STAND sour cream….. mushrooms…. or mayonnaise! One of my greatest fears is a sour cream- mushroom casserole with mayo.
8) Sometimes when nobody’s around, I pop in a Judas Priest CD and crank it.
9) I love Red Vines.
10) I wanted to attend to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis…… Really!


Joss on an important call10 Things You Didn't Know About Joss

1) I am addicted to V8. I always have it in my fridge. I like the low sodium kind cuz you can really TASTE the vegetables…not the salt – mmmmm
2) I love Super Mario Games. I have a pink Nintendo DS
3) My best friend and I used to make radio tapes when we were kids. We had some kind of long drawn out nonsensical talk show we would record on a Realistic tape deck. We had fake callers and fake prizes…good times.
4) The first concert I ever saw was the Beach Boys
5) I LOVE to read. I am ALWAYS working on a book
6) I have a continuing crush on Michael J. Fox
7) …that being said, my dream car is a DeLoreon
8) At night, I am usually instant messaging, on two phones and texting. It makes for a busy evening.
9) I like to eat pickles along side my PB&J sandwiches...sometimes I grab the jar and drink the pickle juice
10) When I was a kid I had three rats. I had Snowy, then Woody, then Poppy and a fish named Kissinger.

Joe McConnell

10 Things You Didn't Know About Joe McConnell
1) I once worked as a psychiatric technician in the psychiatric wing of a private hospital (as opposed to a big institution like Napa state) mostly working with teens and kids, although part of the job involved tackling and restraining people of all ages.
2) I went to Cal Berkely, graduated with a Psychology degree and intended to return to get a PhD, but foolishly decided radio would be more fun and worth trying for awhile. That was 1982.
3) I spent one summer as the stadium announcer for the Lodi Dogers, which was the dodgers Class A farm club in those days. Got paid $12.00 per game and all the beer and bratwurst dogs I could consume.
4) My first full time gig was in Rock Springs, Wyoming, one of the coldest places on earth. My second job was in Napa. Much nicer.
5) My favorite part of the day is snack time with my dog after I get home from work. He gets dog treats and I eat peanuts or some other nut combo. But I always eat first so the dog knows who's boss.
6)  I own most "Rawhide" episodes on DVD.
7) I won a steer wrestling contest in a rodeo during my days in Rock Springs.
8) The only thing I was really good at was swimming. I won all kinds of swim meets until my retirement at age 15. I am sure I would have kicked Michael Phelps butt in my day.
9) I played the judge in the courtroom scene in "Hello Dolly" when I was in 9th grade. That was the extent of my theatrical career, except for a botched attempt at directing and starring in my own play in 8th grade (it's a long story)
10) I always have a book going. This morning, in fact, I just finished reading the book "Franklin and Winston" by Jon Meacham about the relationship between FDR and Churchill.



1) Bay Area native! Born and raised in SF... Went to Lowell High, where I credit my humble reporter beginnings... No, I was not a dork but it was downhill after that :)

2) Paid for college by working as a telephone operator, a Woolworth's cashier (red smock, topped with a "Customers First!" tag), and a shoe model (my toes graced those now defunct Mervyn's ads)

3) My dad taught me how to solder when I was 9. Tapping into the entrepreneur in me, I charged 10-cents to fix earrings. My goal was to collect enough change to buy that missile pop from the cafeteria. Good times...

4) Never learned how to ride a bike as a kid... But as an adult, I am loving my red trike! Dubbed "The Chariot," it has seen many sweaty miles throughout the Bay Area.

5) Drove my '69 Bug, "Klaus," to TJ, Mexico for the best tacos ever... Then, went further south for a yummy lobster dinner. Eats for the day cost less than 6-bucks! Top that, Rachel Ray!

6) I try to do my own repairs because I'd like to think I'm crafty. My friends, though, will just tell you I'm cheap. Ok, I had to wash dishes in the shower for a couple days but it only cost 38-bucks to fix the kitchen sink... And the pipe is still holding strong! I don't do toilets, though.

7) Believe in auto maintainence, my friends... I once got 92,000 miles off a set of tires by rotating them at every oil change... Was cursed once by a tire shop owner (Dont hate, just rotate!)

8) Am a bit of a car geek and germ freak -- enjoy watching the Speed Channel but only after the remote's been wiped down. Sometimes, there are food stains- blame the other half.

9) Love to cook, especially with man's greatest invention: the slow cooker. Stews, chilis and tortilla soups are my specialties, made with love from grandma's "Poke-A-Long," circa 1970... Crockpots rule!

10) Tend to fall asleep with a cookbook or two; Like to dream about what to make... Take it from me, paperbacks don't do as much facial damage as the hardcovers.

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