It take a village to put together the show for Rob & Joss in the Morning. Outside of R&J and Thin Katie and Joe McConnel...there's some other people who contribute a LOT to the morning show!


A lifetime race fan, NASCAR Dad (who REALLY IS Joss' Dad) joins Rob & Joss every Monday morning at 7:30 and 8:30 to give you the details of the weekends race!
NASCAR Dad enjoys car races of ALL kinds! From drag racing, to Indy to NASCAR(of course!) .
He has followed stock car racing since childhood and has an entire room dedicated to the sport. Some of his favorites on the track are Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart.

Psychic Jan Kucker

Jan's angel readings are unique, exciting and fun! She'll introduce you to your very own personal angels and guides. Her readings encourage you to reach for the stars and to believe in the power of your dreams

She's created a beautiful angel environment where you can feel comfortable exploring your long forgotten dreams and desires. When you go for a reading, she'll share with you the insights and wisdom your angels want to pass along to you. Often, that information will allow you to let go of fears that are holding you back and lets you begin to develop a more confident YOU.

Client Testimonials:

“Jan is the best of the best! Her readings are truly amazing. Her Angels give you so much information of the things that are yet to come. It’s like her Angels give you preventative maintenance so you get through the tough things in life without so much hassle.” Susan Rose – Orlando, Florida

“I lost my wife of 48 years to lung cancer. Luckily I was led to Jan, who was able to contact my wife. I learned that she’s happy, and life goes on. Now every once in a while, I’m able to chat with her through Jan. How wonderful that was for me! What a wonderful gift Jan has.” Harold Bachman – Santa Rosa, CA

Reach Jan at 579-4809

Jeannie The Organizer

Jeannie VandeWeg has been organizing and creating beautiful spaces for more than ten years. She uses her natural passion for order and beauty to help others. After a 10 year career in office administration, she began her own company, All Squared Away Organizing. She creatively clears, sorts, arranges, and simplifies her clients’ homes – and she does it all with energetic enthusiasm, grace, and humor. Not to mention, an eye for design and a knack for keeping under budget. Letting go of certain items frees up enormous amounts of energy. It’s not about getting rid of
everything. It’s about making room for the truly important things in life.

Kathy Sena

Kathy Sena is our go to gal for parenting advice. She writes about health, lifestyle, parenting and women’s issues. She is a reciepient of the Parenting Publications of America Silver Award for excellence in health reporting. Her writing has appeared in Newsweek ("My Turn"), USA Today, Woman's Day, Every Woman, Family Circle, AARP the Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Shape, Chicago Tribune, Child, Weight Watchers Magazine and many other publications. On assignment, she has strapped on skates for an in-line skating camp in Minnesota, re-lived a 5th-grade bra-snapping incident, paddled her own kayak on a mountain lake and broken out in hives after reviewing one too many spa treatments.

Our Inten...Kimtern

This is our intern... Kimtern! Listen carefully, and you might hear her on the air with Rob & Joss during Would You Rather and other times too! She is a communications major at Sonoma State and she is graduating in May! She is a bartender and and can serve you up one mean margarita. She is also an active member of the sorority Alpha Xi Delta. She is an adventurous one...she lives with 5 guys! Man the stories she has... oh the days of college...


Weeknights 7pm to 12am