In early June of 2008 I purchased my favorite new love, Rita the Scooter. She is named after one of the most fiery redheads in the historty of film: Rita Hayworth.

In the month of June, I spent a total of $15 on fuel. In July, $20. And after numerous complicated math equations, I have determined that she is presently getting 85 mpg.

She is a beautiful piece of machinery and once she's fully warmed up, she has no problem passing 60 mph.

Splash on RitaThis photo was taken next to the judging tent at the Cotati Kids Parade and apparently I closed my eyes, so Cricket thought it would be funny to put in fake eyes.

I've also discovered some interesting side effects of riding along the pothold filled roads of Sonoma County. Other bikers, whether they're on a motorcycle or a scooter, always wave when I pass. Somehow I've been unwittedly admitted to an amazing sub-culture that I wasn't really aware of.

Unfortunately, I've also found that some drivers hate my two wheel wonder.

I've had rednecks in lifted trucks question my manhood. Others have felt that my traveling at the speed limit on Bennett Valley Road warrants passing around a blind corner.

When you believe in something so truly, you can't allow others to put you down.

I believe I'm doing small part in lowering my use of foreign oil. In the month of June, I would have normally purchased 45 gallons of gas for my truck. I only bought 3.

My minimal knowledge of math tells me that's 42 gallons of fuel I've saved. Multiply that by 12 and you get over 500 gallons over the course of a year.

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