Randy Byers semi-biography.
Ten things you never wondered about Randy
1.  Born and raised in Idaho and am a proud University of Idaho Alum...Go Vandals!
2.  Due to my lack of hops, my gym teacher called me Kermit...appropriate since I work for Froggy.
3.  My first concert was Johnny Paycheck...
4...which led me to wanting to sing "Take This Job And Shove It" at my kindergarten talent show.  I faced much administrative resistance, so I settled on "Rhinestone Cowboy."
5.  My first job was delivering pizzas in a '61 Cadillac.
6.  I live in Cloverdale with my girlfriend and four dogs.
7.  I just got my first smartphone and spend far too much time on it.
8.  I won't mention my favorite football team, but as Niner fans were cheering in 1982, I was crying my eyes out.
9.  I just experienced my first winter without snow...I can get used to it.
10. I was a volunteer firefighter for 13 years...mostly because I lived next to fire station and, hey, if the siren's going to wake me up, I should be the one blowing it.



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