Rob v Chris from Petaluma who works at a dental office
Rob has 516 Wins and 73 Losses


Chris from Petaluma wants to see Blake Shelton at the Shoreline - but FIRST she's gotta get to class! It's Rob's College of Holywood Knowledge!

Here's today's questions:

The show that originally starred Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen is ending –what show is that?

The reality show that Aaron Spellings daughter is on is getting weirder and weirder. Who is Aaron’s Daughter?

The Guy who created Facebook turned 30 yesterday – what is his name?

Owen Wilson is going to play a talking crayon in a new movie – which is a far cry from when he paired with Vince Vaughn in this movie where they went to parties they weren’t invited to – what was that movie called?

Tom Cruise’s Son is a DJ spinning in clubs all over the world – his name is Connor – who did he adopt this son with?

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