Rob v Rebecca
Rob has 509 Wins and 70 Losses


Rebecca wants to see Tim McGraw at the Shoreline! But FIRST she's gotta go to school with Rob's College! Here's today's questions!


The next Star Wars movie is to begin filming. It has a lot of the cast from the old Star Wars franchise. Name two actors from the original Star Wars movies.

The Sandra Bullock movie that was recently up for several Oscar awards was based on a book – and the author is suing cuz she says that the studio stole her story! What movie is that?


Jamie Dornan turns 32 this week. You don’t know who he is now – BUT you will next year when the movie he stars in as Christian Grey comes to a theater near you. What is that movie based on a book?

David Arquette has had a baby – well his woman did. He already has a daughter named CoCo with an actress from Friends. Which actress?

The Host of the Late-Late night show has announced he is leaving. Who is he?

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