Rob v Jenna the RCU Lady from El Sobrante
Rob has 503 Wins and 69 Defeats


The Other Duck in Montgomery Village is a SUPER CUTE gift store! Jenna wants to go get cute things, but FIRST she has to take on Rob in his OWN GAME in "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!"

Here's today's questions!

Amber Heard has turned 28 – she is getting married to Johnny Depp  - he played a guy whose hands were made of scissors in a movie – what was the first name of that character?

The National Enquirer claims LeAnn Rimes is enjoying Brandi Glanville's demise. Brandi is starring on Donald Trumps reality show – what is that called?

Jack Nicholson turns 77 this week. What movie did he bust down the door, stick his face through and say “Here’s Johnny!”

The Queen of England has turned 88. Her daughter in law is Camilla Parker Bowles – who is Camilla married to?

Chelsea Clinton announced she is expecting her first child this fall.  George Bush the second has grand children too – name one of his daughters?

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