Rob v Lucy the Secretary
Rob has 500 Wins and 68 Losses


Lucy wants some Rascal Flatts tickets! Awesome! BUT first she's gotta GO TO SCHOOL! She's in "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" Listen to find out if she will beat Rob at his own game.


Here's today's questions:

RADAR Online says that people who work for American Idol are looking for jobs. The host might not need to because he does lots for E! and has a radio show – who is the host of AI?

Eva Longoria has received her Masters Degree – a few years ago she was in a drama about housewives – what was it called?

This tall Olympic Champion swimmer is coming out of retirement and will swim again late this month – who is he?

The director of Avatar says he wants to film the next three installments simultaneously – who is he?

Jaden Smith is doing another Karate Kid movie – who was the star  of the original Karate Kid?


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