Rob vs Diane the Accounting Manager from Windsor
Rob has 496 Wins and 66 Losses


Diane the Accounting Manager from Windsor is gonna grab some World of Outlaws tickets! But FIRST she's itchin to take on Rob in "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" Here's today's questions:


Nick Cannon has dyed his hair in a cheetah pattern. His wife must be thrilled. Who is she?

David Hyde Pierce turns 55 this week. He played Kelsey Grammar’s neurotic brother in which sitcom?

Michael Strahan may join “Good Morning America”. But WAIT – he’s already on another morning TV show – which one?

This recently trouble actress who was on All That and the Amanda show back in the day turns 28 this week – who is she?

Showbiz Spy claims Demi Moore is planning a comeback. What was the name of the movie where she shaved her head?

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