Rob v Josette from Santa Rosa
Rob has 440 Wins and 58 Losses


Josette from Santa Rosa wants to see Larry the Cable Guy - but first she's gotta go to school with Rob's College of Hollywood Knowlege!


Matt LeBlanc was on Conan the other day. He was once on Friends – name another actor who was also a main character on Friends?

Mary Lou Retton turns 46 this week – what Olympic sport was she famous for?

Bill Cosby is going to be on NBC on a new show – back when he did the Cosby show – he was the father to how many kids?

JWoww is having a girl – what’s the name of the other Jersey Shore character that had a baby?

The chairman of the FCC during Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl Halftime wardrobe malfunction now says everybody overreacted, including himself. Who performed with her during the halftime show?

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