Rob v Brian the Volunteer Firefighter from Petaluma
Rob has 440 Wins and 55 Losses


Brian the Volunteer Firefighter from Petaluma wants to take on Rob! Let's see how he does! Either way, Brian is going to Double Decker Lanes in RP JUST for playing the game!


It’s cold in most parts of the country right now. Speaking of which…what’s the Disney movie that’s big in the box office right now?

Charlie Sheen made fun of Ashton Kutcher when he tweeted his old 2 and a half men co-star. Who did Charlie star in 2 and a half men with?

Maxim Magazine has named Eva Longoria their Woman of the Year – she used to be on a drama on Sunday nights with a bunch of other women – what was that called?

Did you know Leonard Dicaprio is very good friends with Tobey Maguire? What super hero did Toby play back in the 2000’s?

Nicolas Cage turns 50 this week. He  was once in a relationship with a very famous daughter – who?


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