Rob v Aric the Car Guy from Santa Rosa
Rob has 439 Wins and 55 Losses


Aric the car guy is gonna take on Rob in "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge" to grab his passes to go to Double Decker Lanes in RP! Let's see how he does!

Rumor has it Clay Aiken may run for Congress in North Carolina – he used to be on a reality singing show – which one?

Sandra Bullock said that no one should goggle themselves – what was the outer space movie that she just starred in?

24 years ago the Simpson’s debuted. What’s the name of the baby on The Simpsons?

Dustin Diamond turns 37 this week. He is known for playing Screech on this 90’s sitcom for teens and pre-teens.

Troy Gentry’s partner in the duo Montgomery Gentry has just filed for bankruptcy. Who is his partner?

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