Rob vs Hank the Soap Guy from Santa Rosa
Rob has 438 Wins and 55 Losses


This week passes for Double Decker Lanes are up for grabs in Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge. Hank the Soap Guy from Santa Rosa LOVES him some bowling...but does he love Hollywood enough to beat Rob at his own game?

Here's today's questions


Did you know George Lucas has a baby daughter? What movie franchise is he also the father of?


Jada Pinkett’s husband went sky diving this past weekend – who is he?


Russel Brand’s ex-wife’s rider for her concert in Vegas came out. She really likes fresh vegetables…who is she?


Tom Arnold lost 90 pounds in 9 months. Back in the day he was on his ex-wife’s sitcom. What was that sitcom called?


Gwyneth Paltrow was seen walkin around in a bikini…she’s very skinny. She was in a movie a few years back called “Country Strong” and she starred with a male country star whose been in a couple of movies…who is he?




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