Rob vs Dave the Heavy Equipment Operator
Rob Has 416 Wins and 48 Losses


Dave wants some concert tickets - but FIRST he's gotta go to SCHOOL with "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" Here's today's questions:

Cher says she is haunted by the spirit of her ex-husband and former singing companion –who is he?

Perez Hilton says there is going to be a spin off of this tv show that has singing high schoolers and a tough PE teacher – what show is that?

Lori Singer turns 56 this week. She was in a dancing movie with a great soundtrack back in the 80’s that starred Kevin Bacon. What was that movie?

The People’s Choice Award Nominations are out. This movie that is a sequel and has minions in it is up for Favorite Movie – what movie is this?

Christopher Knight has turned 56 – he was one of the Brady Boys – which one?

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