Rob v Dawn the Day Care Lady from Santa Rosa
Rob has 413 Wins and 48 Losses


Dawn wants tickets to TWO concerts! Diamond Rio AND the Oakridge Boys at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center! But FIRST she's gotta go to school! It's Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge - Rob vs Dawn the Daycare Lady from Santa Rosa!

We just had the time change – what is Michael J Fox’s characters name when he time travels in Back to the Future?

David Schwimmer has turned 47 in the past few days – what sitcom is he best known for starring on?

Jennifer Garner was on Ellen. She has no plans to have any more babies – who is she married to?

Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken are going to guest star on Law and Order SVU this week.  They got their start on a competition reality show – which one?

Jennifer Aniston may not marry her boyfriend. What is his name?



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