Rob vs Jessica the Truck Driver
Rob has 402 Wins and 47 Losses


Jessica the Driver wants some Grand National Rodeo tickets! But FIRST she's gotta SCHOOl Rob in Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!


Here's toda's questins!


Sandra Bullock was in the movie Gravity. She was in another action packed movie where she was on a bus. What was that movie called?

Meg Ryan is going to be in a new sitcom on NBC. She starred with Billy Crystal WAY back in the day in a movie about two people who “met” each other. What was this movie?

Charlie Hunnam dropped out of a long awaited movie based on a scandalous book that many women loved that’s been popular the past couple of years – what’s the name of that book and soon to be movie?

Penny Marshall turns 71 this week. Back in the day she was starred with a character named Shirley – what was Penny’s characters name?

A child of a pop star who is named Lourdes is turning 17 this week. Who is Lourde’s mom?


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