Rob vs Lea the Window Covering Specialist
Rob has 389 Wins and 44 Defeats


Lea the Window Covering Specialist graduated the last time she played! Will she graduate again? Find out in this episode of Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!


Bill Clinton’s daughter used to help him with his debate speeches when she was 6 – what is her name?

Hugh Jackman once got into a fight while he was on Roller Blades. What Xmen Character did he play?

Tim Allen was on Jay Leno the other day – what was the name of the sitcom that made him really famous?

Donald Trump Tweeted the other day “everyone should just calm down______ is going to make a great Batman!” Who was he referring to?

Tom Selleck wore shorts the other day with Michael and Kelly. In the 80’s he played a private investigator in this tv show that had a really cool theme song – what was it?


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