Rob vs Jessica the Hair Stylist
Rob has 386 Wins and 43 Defeats


Jessica wants to go to the Sonoma Stampede - but first she's gotta play Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge...but will she graduate? Find out here!



The matriarch of the kardashian family recently posed in a bathing suit – what is her first name?

This bald, loud, straight forward TV therapist who was discovered by Oprah was on with David Letterman the other day. Who is he?

Kelly Osbourne says she is happy with her body. What is her brother’s name?

Pam Anderson is running in the New York Marathon. Did you know she is not originally an American – where is she from?

Robin Williams is doing a sitcom because he needs the money.   In the late 90’s he was in a movie where he played a funny clown nose wearing doctor who treated patients with humor. What was this movie called?


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