Rob vs Kate from Rohnert Park!
Rob has 385 Wins and 43 Defeats


Kate wants to win these tickets for she and her MAN. It's her 8 year anniversary comin' up and she wants to go to the Sonoma Stampede. But first - she's gotta get to class in Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!

Here's today's questions!


Ray Romano was on Ellen recently. He actually talked about Twerking! What was the name of the sitcom he was on several years back?

Ricky Gervais is in a new muppet movie. What’s the name of the Muppet that plays the drums?

Adam Sandler is recovering from shoulder surgery. He was in The Wedding Singer with this actress who starred in ET when she was a young child. Who is she?

You can get cool memorabilia on ebay from this funny TV show that Steve Carrell starred on a few years back. What show is that?

Kimberely Williams turned 42 over the weekend. She’s married to a country star! Which one?


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