Rob vs Melinda the Food Lady
Rob has 375 Wins adn 43 Losses


Melinda the Food Lady from Santa Rosa wants to grab some tickets to see The Wiggles at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts! but FIRST she's gotta get through Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge.

Will she graduate? First - here's today's questions

Nicole Kidman was asked if she was happy – she said yes – she must be cuz she is married to this country artist – who?

Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen were on Oprah “Where are they now?” what show did they all star together on?

Alec Baldwin and his new wife just had a baby. He was married to a beautiful actress before this – which beautiful actress?

Who has been chosen to play the new Batman?

Tom Cruise may move to London – but he was in a movie in the 80’s where he moved to Jamaica to work at a bar – what movie was that?


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