Rob vs Denise the Gravel Truck Driver
Rob has 362 Wins and 41 Losses


Denise wants to go to the fair! But FIRST she's gotta take on Rob in "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" Will she graduate? Here's today's questions.



Charlie Sheen’s Dad turns 73 this week – who is he?

Donald Trump says that the good looking Yankee Baseball player that’s in trouble for using performance enhancing drugs is a bad guy. Who is this baseball player?

The director of Avatar is doing three sequels. Who is that director?

The show “Teen Wolf” won best ensemble at the Young Hollywood Awards the other night. Back in the 80’s there was a kitchy movie called “Teen Wolf” – actually there were TWO! Name one of the two actors who starred as Teen Wolf in the 80’s

The blond actress who is known for her partying and made her big debut in American Pie says that she’s surprised by the success of another movie she has starred in – Sharknado. Who is this actress?




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