Rob vs Amanda the Pastry Chef from Santa Rosa
Rob has 359 Wins and 39 Losses


Amanda the Pastry Chef from Santa Rosa is ready to TAKE ON ROB in his game "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" BUT will she GRADUATE? Just for playing the game, she's grabbing tickets to the Sonoma County Fair WITH passes to the motorcycle races. Please excuse all my use of CAPS, but this is just VERY exciting!

Here's today's questions for our new best friend, Amanda the Pastry Chef.


Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters butted heads recently, what show are they on together where they can go right ahead and do that?

This Baldwin brother who was on 30 Rock is saying that Anthony Weiner should drop out of the race in New York – which Baldwin brother is that?
Lamar Odom’s mistress spoke out. Who is Lamar married to?

Dolly Parton recently underwent a secret surgery on her throat. She was in a very sad movie with Julia Roberts and Sally Field in the late 80s – what was it?

This actor who was in KPax, American Beauty and the men who stare at goats turns 54 this week – who is he?

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