Rob vs Emily the Student and Trader Joes Employee
Rob has 349 Wins and 37 Losses


Emily who works at Trader Joes and is an SRJC student is taking on Rob in his OWN game! Emily will get to go bowling at Double Decker Lanes in RP - but will she give Rob his 38th loss? Find out in this episode of Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!


Sarah Palin might run for Senate for her home state next year – what state is she from?

Jessica Simpson turns 33 this week – who is her ex-husband?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the morning talk show she is on – what show is that?

The member of the Jersey Shore who had a baby wrote a letter to Kate Middleton about being a mom – who is that member of The Jersey Shore?

Stacy Keibler broke up with her man – or he broke up with her by phone. Who was her man?


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