Rob vs Cathy Who is Getting a Pedicure
Rob 339 Wins and 36 Defeats


Cathy wants to go see Kelly Pickler at the Sonoma Marin Fair! She's getting an early morning pedicure while she plays "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge!" Here's today's questions 


Rumor has it Katie Holmes wants to have a baby with her new boyfriend. Who did she have her first child with?

We just had Father’s Day. A great TV dad is Bill Cosby. What was his last name on the Cosby show?

Kim Kardashian had her baby. Including her sisters and half sisters –how many aunts will the baby have on Kim’s side?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant. She used to have a show where she could communicate with ghosts…what was the show called?

Rumor has it Stacy Keibler cheated on her boyfriend. Who is her boyfriend?


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