Rob vs Nicole the Mom and Wife and Upstanding Citizen
Rob Has 336 Wins and 35 Losses


Nicole wants some Sonoma County Hot Air Ballon Classic tickets! First, she's gotta play some "Rob's College!" Here's today's questions!


Lionel Richie was on the view – he says he sometimes forgets the words to his songs. But when he did a duet with the former head of Hootie and the Blowfish who is now a country star  they did pretty good. Who is that country star who used to be in Hootie?

Buzz Aldrin says he hates the taste of this drink that astronauts are SUPPOSED to love – what drink?


Jane Lynch is ending her marriage. She plays the PE teacher on which tv show?

Nicolas Cage was seen wearing an extra pair of sungalsses around his neck. Don’t ask me why this is news  -but Nick was once  involved with a famous daughter – who?


Kevin Bacon talked about his father turning 94. There is a board game named after Kevin –what’s it called?

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