Rob vs Lea the Window Lady
Rob has 330 Wins and 34 Losses


Lea wants to go to Scandia Family Fun Center in RP - but FIRST she's gotta play Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge. Here's today's questions!


Steve Carrrel was on Ellen the other day dressed as his character from Despicable Me  he is also the star of a show that just had it’s final episode, what show?

Will Smith has a new movie called After Earth. But what’s the name of the movie franchise where he was battling aliens?

Lindsay Lohan gave her family anchor necklaces to show that they are her life anchors…obviously they are good at that. Name ONE member of Lindsay’s family by first name?

Rumor has it Kristen Stewart drove off her boyfriend with her long list of demands. Who was her boyfriend?

Hugh Jackman is preparing for his role as an X-Men character he has played before by eating a lot. What character did he play before?


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