Rob vs Michaela the Coffee Lady
Rob has 327 Wins and 33 Losses


Michaeal serves up coffee for a living - let's see if she can serve up Rob's 34 loss! Michaela's grabbing 4 tix to Snoopy's Home Ice just for trying!


Will Smith got together with a guy who played the character of Carlton and they reunited on stage what show did Will and the guy called Carlton star in in the 90’s?


Jim Carrey’s blonde and funny ex girlfriend was on with Katie COuric the other day – who is she?


Howie Mandel was on with Jay Leno the other day – he is the host of which competition show?


Jennifer Hudson has been hired to be a judge on the show in which she was discovered on – what show?


The show that stars Maggie, Bart, Homer, Lisa etc will soon have a theme park – what show is that?




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