Rob vs Lana the Teaching Assistant


Lana is a teaching assistant and she wants her Petaluma Speedway tickets! So - she's gonna have a round of Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge! Here's today's questions:


Every judge on the panel at American Idol is out next season. Who is the judge that’s been on the panel the longest?

Cory Monteith recently turned 31, he is on a show about happy singing high schoolers – what show?

Bob Saget was on with Craig Ferguson. What sitcom is he best known for starring in in the early 90’s that took place in San Francisco?

Neil Patrick Harris was on with Ellen. He says the  9th season  of the sitcom he is on now will be the last season for the show – what sitcom is he on now?

A Producer in Hollywood wants to turn Jennifer Garners life into a reality show with her husband who is she married to?

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