Rob vs "Missy"
Rob has 308 Wins and 29 Losses


She wants to be called "Missy" -you'll hear why when we start the college. She's playin' for her pick of music from the Froggy Prize Vault. Here we go!


Samuel L Jackson hit a woman on a golf course with aball…by accident. What kind of animals took over a plane in a movie that he was in?

Michael Jackson’s daughter is bonding with a woman named Debbie Rowe…but who is Debbie Rowe?

Robert Downey Jr Called Gwyneth Paltrow a snob – she was in Country Strong with which country star?

Mario Lopez’s cohost has been fired from the X Factor – who was his co-host?

Reese Witherspoon was arrested along with her husband the other day. He got a DUI and she got disorderly conduct. What is her husband’s name?

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