Rob vs Aric who is visiting Reno!
Rob has 307 Wins and 29 Losses


Aric is from Sonoma County, but he is at the Silver Legacy in Reno right now. Let's see if he gets lucky with Rob's College...and maybe it will set the pace for his trip in Reno!


Martha Stewart fell asleep at a performance that was being done by the guy who once had a “show about nothing” who was this guy?

Fox has renewed this show about singing high schoolers for two more seasons – what show?

Sandra Bullock wants to screen her new comedy in Boston. She was in a couple of movies about fast moving busses and boats – What was this movie franchise called?

Joyce Dewitt turns 64 this week. Ok maybe you don’t know who SHE is – but surely you remember the show she was on back in the day about three roommates – it was with John Ritter.

Kendra Wilkinson was in a car accident the other day. She was in a reality show about Hugh Hefners girlfriends. What was that reality show called?

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